Creative Ranking: insglück is the number 1

Great success for the insglück team: The agency is once again at the top of the German Event Creative Ranking 2021

Fantastic news in difficult times: insglück, the live-com agency with subsidiaries in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg, received a total of 18 awards for its creative services in 2020 and, therefore, takes the top position in the German Event Creative Ranking again – for the fifth time in the past six years.

For the 17th time, the German Event Creative Ranking, published by the trade journal Black Report, honoured the achievements in live marketing and live communication. It’s based on the achievements in event-specific categories of national and international competitions. This year’s ranking includes the results of ADC, Golden Award of Montreux, BEA World, EX Award, Gala Award, Galaxy Award and BrandEx Award. Due to their entire cancellation, the Cannes Lion and Heavent Award haven’t been considered.

Especially in these difficult times, participating in the competition hasn’t been an easy decision for the agency. Despite, or perhaps because of the Corona crisis, which has caused considerable losses in the event industry, insglück decided to go for it – as a sign of life, giving courage and hope. Three different customer projects have been awarded in total. Thus, the success is the result of great performances by various teams at different locations and many people involved.

„We are aware of creative awards not being a universal currency, yet they are an essential criterion for the performance capacity of an agency. In the past ten years, we kept on delivering creative excellence. Concluding a decade that started under such difficult conditions with a number one position makes us incredibly happy and affirms our strategy’s creative direction”, says Christoph Kirst, CCO insglück.

By now, everything in live communication is about holistic brand experiences. insglück reacted to this at an early stage and implemented digital solutions and augmented participation formats even before the crisis. Corona accelerated the process and opened the door for new business fields.

„We met the crisis with creativity and together with our team completed a steep learning curve within a short time. We kept on trusting in unusual ideas and attractive content to create interactive, inspiring and emotional formats that now needed to be fully digital. Nevertheless, we all long for the moment when we can play the entire keyboard of live communication again. And to celebrate such a beautiful success live and together”, says Frederik Nimmesgern, Director Strategy & Concept insglück.

Caption: The management is happy about the success and sees the creative direction of its strategy confirmed. © insglück (photographer: Stefan Wieland)

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