Re-Design: insglück with a new website

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01. Mar 2023 •• Insight •• 1 min read

insglück has relaunched their website. It was designed and implemented by an interdisciplinary in-house team and boasts a distinctive, vibrant look, providing authentic insights into the work of the people behind it – as well as conveying their team spirit.

“The redesign focused on portraying our work, our motivation, and our creativity in a very authentic and unique way,” says Chris Gaiser, Creative Director & Consultant at insglück. “It gives honest insights into our competence and expertise, our service portfolio and the day-to-day work of our team members – our most valuable assets.” Now, as soon as prospects and clients, partners and employees visit the website, they really get a sense of how approachable the agency is. “You could say insglück has the personal touch, because it’s the people that make success possible,” adds Gaiser, putting it in a nutshell.

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