Excellent dialogue marketing — SAP wins EDDI Award

v.l.n.r. M. Marré, B. Zeiser, T. Bergmann & K. Detlefsen, C. Lösche, M. Brueggemann, C. Volk, L. Kirchner, I. Julino, S. Müller © SAP
SAP wins the EDDI Award
11. May 2022 •• Press article •• 2 min read

SAP Germany wins the EDDI Award in the BtoB category with the SAP "Gipfelstürmer "campaign, co-created by insglück, featuring a new bold story telling approach.

The market leader for business software favours a consequent customer dialogue on eye level, hence trusts in dialogic instruments, strategies and measures and convinces the EDDI jury with the Gipfelstürmer campaign – a virtual event series, taking the customer on an expedition at lightning speed into the cloud. The campaign is an integral part of the „RISE with SAP” offer and scored thanks to its brave and innovative storytelling approach, not only with the jury.

SAP wins the EDDI Award

“AP Germany brings the term customer centricity alive. For a long time, the EDDI winner cedes impressively centre stage to the BtoB customers within a 360-degree activation and by conducting a dialogue, entirely integrated in terms of content and design, across many different channels.”

— Martin Nitsche, DDV President

The rise to an intelligent company is told as the thrilling story of a summit expedition and goes from expert walks and campfire conversations through altitude trainings up to a summit conference. All dialogue formats along the entire customer journey are guided by the story. In cooperation with SAP, insglück was responsible for the consulting, conception and content creation, and also for the control and realisation of the Gipfelstürmer campaign.

“With this initiative, we activate our customers’ transformation and accompany them sustainably. Our brand feels like tailwind during this process. We will continue to promote the synergy of brand, activation and dialogue and hence support many more companies to become summiteers.”

— Maša Schmidt, Head of Marketing Germany & Member of the Management Board, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG.

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the EDDI, the highest award in dialogue marketing, was presented in person again – this year during the EDDI-Night in Frankfurt on the occasion of the Dialog Summit 2022.

Since 1993 the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV) honours outstanding dialogue marketing strategies that customers themselves suggest for evaluation. All previous winners of the EDDI unite by their sustainable success in cross-media dialogue marketing, their systematic innovations and pioneering work. By winning this award, SAP joins the ranks of winners such as Deutsche Bahn, Douglas, BMW and many more.