Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft / Denk ich an Deutschland Conference

Conference & Meeting
Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) hosted their tenth ‘Denk ich an Deutschland’ Conference in March 2019.

Representatives from the worlds of politics and business discussed the issue of ‘Who do we think we are? German self-perception in a tumultuous Europe.’ The conference in Berlin, attended by some 300 invited guests and high-profile speakers, is a forum for discussions, guided discourse, keynote speeches and videos. insglück suggested the ESMT on Schlossplatz as the event venue because the former GDR State Council building has borne witness to a multitude of intriguing debates on German identity over the years. The design concept for the conference venue picked up on the narrative of the many examples of symbolic architecture surrounding the ESTM. Big lightboxes on the window facade of Auditorium Maximum displayed out-of-focus images of those buildings to symbolise the blurred panorama of German identity and, at the same time, provoke people to take a closer look.