Klambt / 175th anniversary

Award & Anniversary
A fantastic journey through 175 years of tradition and media history

Klambt, one of the oldest consumer magazine publishing houses in Germany still in existence, celebrated an anniversary. The media group hosted a spectacular anniversary gala to celebrate 175 years in business. Hamburg’s First Mayor Peter Tschentschner opened the evening with a befitting formal reception at Hamburg City Hall. Afterwards Lars Joachim Rose, Kai Rose and Ingrid Rose, representing the fifth generation of the publishing family, enjoyed a fabulous party at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce with their 240 guests from the worlds of business and media. Reflecting the company‘s CI, blue was the prominent colour in the spectacularly staged room – and guest access was naturally via a blue carpet. During the gala dinner guests were immersed into an eventful 175 years of publishing history – a culinary, interactive and multi-dimensional journey through time, brilliantly presented by hosts Janin Uhlmann and Sven Gätjen. The spectacular programme culminated in a fashion show featuring designs by some of Germany’s most exciting designers Lala Berlin, Kaviar Gauche, Atelier Michalsky, Malaikaraiss and Marina Hoermanseder – presented by star designers Michael Michalsky and Ingrid Rose. The final highlight was the big Klambt anniversary cake accompanied by a confetti explosion and thunderous applause.