Experience & Interactive

Under the motto „A New Era“, Škoda realized successfully their first centralized product training.

In summer 2015, automobile manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO a.s. implement their first centralized product training for their sales staff and their service and wholesale partners. App. 8000 participants from 33 countries assist the presentation of the brand’s new premium car model, Škoda Superb, at Forte Village in Sardinia.

The concept of the six-week training event focuses on workshops which aim at strengthening the product knowledge about car details, vehicle equipment and competitive advantages but also at the driving experience through active training including unique Scenic Drives.

Besides the traditional sales-promotion measures and all in line with the brand values, the transmission of the appreciation of the sales staff at all touch points is in the center of interest, in order to increase the motivation on the one hand and to provide new impetus for the product and the brand on the other. A particular challenge: app. 300 participants from up to five different countries come together every day. Therefore, 300 vehicles comprising the new Škoda Superb and its country-specific key competitors are used in different driving and training sequences within the daily 24-hour stationary trainings. In addition, the training documentation and media have to be adapted to 27 languages overall, and have to correspond to the cross-cultural requirements.

The goal of the first central training event was more than successfully achieved. The subsequent evaluation also showed a throughout positive feedback of all participants and trainers.