TRANSFORM!2019 in Munich

insglück stages a new-format conference for SAP SE

Leading European enterprise application software manufacturer SAP SE launched its ‘TRANSFORM!2019’ interactive conference with workshops, breakouts and integrated startup exhibition from 18 to 20 March. 150 top international customers convened high above the rooftops in Munich’s trendy factory quarter to experience a tailored programme showcasing the market leader’s business applications, and to discuss transformation-related issues with industry leaders, startups, SAP management and experts. insglück was the lead agency for TRANSFORM!2019.

The ‘TRANSFORM!’ slogan was translated into an interactive, participatory and multifarious event format. An agile mix of keynotes, workshops, panels and best practice showcases provided valuable insights into the SAP SE transformation and demonstrated the latest cultural and technological trends, as well as custom solutions for fully automated industrial processes.

Both the event content and the venue design reflected the conference theme of transformation. A fluid space concept allowed the flexible adaptation of the various areas to the specific situation. The keynote, breakout session, workshop and experience areas were all dynamically interlinked and constantly transforming.

Before the conference, participants received bespoke programmes with their own personal (transformation) routes to optimise the customer journey. The programmes were accessed at the event via the personalised conference app. After the conference participants enjoyed the special give-away of an augmented reality experience of their personal journey. The relevant content of the various modules was also provided in digital format as a follow-up.

The evening event at the industrial location of Heizwerk had an immersive architecture and was entirely dedicated to entertainment and networking.

Picture: TRANSFORM!2019 © SAP SE

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