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Want to know which desk gets the best afternoon sunlight, like to work for us as a freelancer, or just send in an application? No matter what your goal is, we´re always thrilled to answer your questions and get the conversation going.


Our doors are always open to everyone who is just as motivated as us to write the next exciting chapter for our team. insglück is a living organism that’s in a constant state of renewal and reinvention. It helps us break through established norms, stay flexible and create meaningful, lasting work.

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We meet and master every challenge as a diverse and dedicated team of experts. We‘re perfectionists in our fields but also experienced, interdisciplinary team players. For us, it’s all about working and growing together as a team. That’s maybe why many of our colleagues who choose to explore other agencies and job opportunities often come back after a while. After all, insglück is a place where people want to work. And that makes all the difference.

We want to keep it that way, which is why we offer numerous incentives, including internal training courses at the insglück Academy, flexible working models, overtime compensation, one-month “workations” abroad, remote work, and an inviting, office environment. Most importantly, we believe in personal freedom, responsibility, inclusion, and trust. It’s what makes us “us” and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

“What would I miss the most without insglück? The people, the challenges, and the fun.”

— Heike, Director Berlin

“insglück is a wild, creativity-fueled ride with an incredible amount of attention to detail. It’s not like other places.”

— Ulrike, Project Manager

“From my first day at insglück as a trainee, my ideas were welcome at the table and I immediately felt a part of the team. My biggest learning: Show, don’t tell.”

— Damian, Junior Concept Creative

“If you learn something here, it’s the importance of fun, humor, and the fact that you never stop learning. I’m reminded every day how much I enjoy making my contribution.”

— Annika, Senior Project Manager

“insglück in numbers? 100% likeability, zero vanity, and 200% insanity!”

— Tim, Strategist

“For me, insglück means days of brainstorming, passion, creative exchange, designing, and then starting over again to reach the best conclusion possible. All for that one perfect idea for our clients.”

— Tobias, Senior Concept Creative