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Pushing the Limits

For the brand relaunch of Berner, Europe’s leading expert for B2B chemical products, we successfully blurred the lines between CEO presentation and rock concert – by creating an immersive and 100% consistent brand experience in nine industrial locations throughout Europe. During an unforgettable night, about 7.000 employees saw the reinvention of their employer as “smart rebels” in the market. Loud, authentic and self-confident: this is how captivating a corporate presentation can be.

“The event was outstanding and surpassed everything we have ever seen.”

— Christian A. W. Berner, CEO Berner Group
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Unique Pre-Campaign

For a long-lasting effect, a large-scale communications campaign accompanied the Brand Relaunch Event – showing the importance of a strong brand and its positive impact on the actions of each. The roll-out as a unique value and teaser campaign included a thrilling brand reveal movie and many creative elements referring to the brand.

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Thrilling Brand Movie

A significant new brand deserves a strong entrance, at the event and beyond. Therefore, we produced a reveal movie - from the initial idea through the story board to the shooting and post-production – translating the new brand colours and the smart rebel idea into thrilling pictures.

With coloured explosions, relay racers as Berner representatives and craftspeople as customers, we created a movie launching at the events backed by large-scale light effects, with different versions being used on the website and at exhibitions.

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BERNER Film Film 03
BERNER Film Making of 09

Being developed in close consultation with the Berner brand strategy team, the movie contents and design have a significant and lasting impact on the entire brand presence beyond the event as an integral part of the brand communications.

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“The collaboration was on eye level. We designed the end-to-end process, with intense exchanges on our brand themes.”

— Christian A. W. Berner, CEO Berner Group