insglück shines at the Galaxy Awards •• 15 awards for two outstanding projects

16. Oct 2023 •• Press article •• 1 min read

insglück swept the board at the US Galaxy Awards. The agency won no less than 15 awards at the internationally renowned competition and was honored for the projects German Garden "BIOTOPIA - Growing Community" and BERNER "Brand Launch Events.”


Eight awards alone, including two gold and two silver awards, were given to the "BIOTOPIA" project, which has already won numerous prizes. The motto "Growing Green Cities," the Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere, the Netherlands, sought answers for a greener urban future. Humorous, multi-layered and light, insglück created an urban utopia with the German Garden that promoted co-creativity, diversity and exchange. Innovative solutions and best practices for more sustainable cities were communicated through playful interactions.

insglück received a further seven awards for the BERNER Brand Launch Events. For the new brand appearance of the leading specialist for B2B chemical products in Europe, we successfully blurred the lines between CEO presentation and rock concert - and created an im-immersive brand experience across 9 industrial locations throughout Europe. Around 7,000 employees experienced an unforgettable evening of reinventing their company as "Smart Rebels" in the market. The brand relaunch was accompanied by a unique value and teaser campaign as well as a rousing brand reveal movie that had a lasting impact on BERNER as a whole.